Velvet Pear


  • Poached Pear in Red Wine
  • Almond Cream
  • Pear Mousse
  • Chocolate Spray

Poached Pear in Red Wine

Red Wine165 g
Water66 g
Sugar82 g
Orange Juice1 g
Lemon Juice1 g
Cinnamon Stick2 g
Vanilla Pod1 g
Fresh Pear198 g

Peel and cut the pear into cubes. Boil the red wine, water, sugar, orange juice, lemon juice, cinnamon stick, and vanilla pod. Add the pear cubes to the hot wine. Boil again. Keep in the fridge overnight.

Almond Cream

Sugar55 g
Fruit’Elite “Nuts” White Almond Purée Capfruit111 g
Almond Powder83 g
Rhum8 g

Mix all the ingredients together and pipe into the vegan tart shell. Bake at 180°C with cube poached pear in red wine.

Pear Mousse

Fruit’Purée Pear Williams Capfruit217 g
Sugar16 g
Agar Agar2 g
Vegetable Cream152 g

Set aside half portion of the Pear Purée. Boil the remaining Pear Purée together with sugar and Agar Agar. Add the rest of the Pear Purée. At 30°C, add the whipped vegetable cream. Keep in the fridge.

Chocolate Spray

White Chocolate62 g
Cacao Butter41 g
Melt and mix.

Products Used

Vegan Tart Shells Large Round

  • 22-24 g / 0.78-0.85 oz. /pc.
  • 9 pcs. / tray, 5 trays / box
  • H: 16 mm, 0.63 in
  • Ø: 75 mm, 2.95 in

Dark Chocolate Nest Rectangle

  • 2-3 g / 0.07-0.11 oz / pc
  • 90 pcs / tray, 3 trays / box
  • L: 84 mm, 3.31 in
  • W: 20 mm, 0.79 in