Innovation Week 2020

Innovation never stops. As La Rose Noire continues to produce world-class products, new stunning creations are launched every year, making its customers feel amazed every time.

For this year’s product launch, La Rose Noire took its customers to an out-of-this-world experience, introducing 4 new exciting collections during its event called “Innovation Week”. The guests arrived at the Clark Factory in the Philippines, where all new innovations were prepared for an exciting show. As La Rose Noire introduced its 4 new Chocolate Collections through a classy Fashion Show, where each model showcased a chocolate collection – starting with the Venetian Collection, then the Champion Collection, presenting the Rainbow Collection, and last but not the least, the Planet Collection. Guests were in awe as the new collections were revealed one by one and followed by the most-awaited part – tasting them! Everyone who indulged in the new chocolate collections had a common thing to say – simply delicious!

There were also other activities prepared for the guests, including the various efforts and initiatives of the company with regard to “Go Green”- advocacy to help save the environment, a trip to a local school that La Rose Noire helps through the “Build A School Program” of LRNHK. There too was Swiss Night, where guests had an amazing Swiss-themed dinner. A Brazilian Night when LRN Top Sales Managers from different parts of the globe received awards for their enthusiastic efforts the past year. Then there was Asian Night, where everyone had a chance to taste local food and delicacies from 5 different Asian countries. The last evening of Innovation Week was wrapped up by making guests experience Philippine traditional cultural presentations from the northern part of the country. A delightful and eventful week indeed.


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