As we show our care for the environment, we also extend our care and compassion to different charitable organizations that care for others. The Little Sister of the Poor is one of the organizations that looks after the abandoned elderly. In Hong Kong, Gerard Dubois personally visits and meets the nuns regularly and supplies breads for them and their elderly residents. Due to the strict pandemic restrictions in Hong Kong, the regular supplying of breads to this organization has been hampered, but Gerard himself calls the nuns weekly to check on their wellbeing, as well as to check on their needs.

In the Philippines, La Rose Noire factory in Clark also supplies breads, croissants, and danishes to The Little Sister of the Poor in Manila and Pangasinan. Our General Manager, Stephen Warren, and Assistant General Manager, Pamela Flores, greeted the nuns recently when they visited the Philippine factory.  Regular donations of breads are given for them to enjoy with the elderly people in their care. Sharing these boxes of bread symbolizes the company’s way for breaking bread and caring for the less fortunate, with the hope of bringing joy and happiness to them. 


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