Build A School Program

La Rose Noire upholds its commitment to corporate social responsibility. “Build A School Program” is one of the charitable projects which aims to provide learning shelters for indigenous schools.
Dungan Elementary School in the province of Pampanga, Philippines is one of the benefactors of the “Build A School Program” sponsored by La Rose Noire Hong Kong. This public school provides learning to children in the neighboring community but has limited facilities to accommodate students.
La Rose Noire saw this problem and helped the school build a new building to have a convenient place for learning and accommodate more students.
The blessing and inauguration of the school were held in December 2019 with La Rose Noire’s Chairman and Founder, Mr. Gerard Dubois, La Rose Noire’s President, Mr. Roger Geisser, LRN Hong Kong Managing Director, Ms. Yvonne Wong, LRN Philippines’ General Manager, Mr. Stephen Warren, LRN Philippines’ Assistant General Manager, Ms. Pamela Flores, and La Rose Noire Shareholder, Mr. Richard Wallis.
The ceremonies started off with a blessing from a local Priest, Fr. Tim Melleza, followed by the unveiling of the plaque, citing the “Build A School Program” fully sponsored by La Rose Noire Hong Kong.



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