Pistachio Petal Cake



Mix lobster meat with diced mango, pickled fennel, chopped cilantro leaves, salt and pepper, and 1 tbsp of mayonnaise. Cook the Idaho potato with smoked haddock and cooking cream, puree & sieve. Fry botan shrimp legs with flour and keep warm. Mix lemon verbena oil with mayonnaise and pipe into decorative dots.

Arrangement: Pipe haddock potato puree at the bottom of La Rose, arrange the lobster salad above and dots of lemon verbena with crispy botan shrimp legs.

Cooked lobster meat160 gm
Mango80 gm
Pickled fennel60 gm
Mayonnaise4 tbsp
Cilantro leaves1 sprig
Haddock50 gm
Idaho potato200 gm
Cream100 gm
Lemon verbena oil2 tbsp
Botan shrimp legs

Products Used

Medium La Rose Dark

  • 15-18 g / 0.53-0.63 oz. /pc.
  • 10 pcs. / tray, 4 trays / box
  • Ø: 60 mm, 2.36 in

Mini La Rose Dark

  • 5-8 g / 0.18-0.28 oz. /pc.
  • 28 pcs. / tray, 3 trays / box
  • Ø: 43 mm, 1.69 in

We have more colors and sizes of La Rose in this video.

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