Lemon Tartlet with Crater & Comet


  • La Rose Noire Fruity Tart Shell – Lemon
  • La Rose Noire Chocolate Universe – Galaxy
  • La Rose Noire Dark Chocolate Comet
  • Vanilla Ganache
  • Lemon Gelée
  • Vanilla & Lemon Cream
  • Yellow Glaze

Vanilla Ganache

Ivoire White Chocolate,35% cocoa380 gr
Cream 35%375 gr
Glucose10 gr
Milk188 gr
Vanilla Pod1 u
Gelatine Sheet2 gr
Bring the milk and scraped vanilla pod to a boil. Remove from heat, and infuse for approximately 2 hours, then sift. Add glucose into the mixture, and heat up. Add the gelatine and pour into the melted chocolate. Emulsify with a hand blender and add the liquid cream, then mix again.

Lemon Gelée

Lemon Juice200 gr
Sugar90 gr
Pectin NH4 gr
Bring lemon juice to a boil. On the side, mix the sugar and pectin together, then whisk into boiling liquid and cook for 2-3 minutes. Mix, strain and allow to set until firm.

Vanilla & Lemon Cream

Milk210 gr
Cream 35%105 gr
Lemon Zest1 u
Vanilla Pod1 u
Pasteurized Egg Yolk60 gr
Sugar75 gr
Corn Starch15 gr
Ivoire White Chocolate, 35% cocoa40 gr
Gelatine Sheet10 gr
Semi-Whipped Cream210 gr
Bring the milk to a boil together with the scraped vanilla pod and lemon zest. Infuse the vanilla pod and zest for approximately half an hour. Sift and pour the infused milk with cream into the premixed sugar, egg yolk and corn starch combination. Return to cook as a crème anglaise. Add gelatine and pour the warm mixture over the melted chocolate to make an emulsion. Combine with the semi-whipped cream.

Yellow Glaze

Sugar285 gr
Water72 gr
Glucose100 gr
Cream 35%310 gr
Skimmed Milk Powder72 gr
Gelatine Sheet10 gr
Neutral Glaze50 gr
Red Coloringq.s.
Cook water, sugar, and glucose to 110°C. On the side, heat the cream and skimmed milk powder. Pour hot syrup over the cream mixture and boil again. Cool down to 60°C and add gelatine, neutral glaze and yellow coloring. Blend and set aside at 4°C.