Le Citron


  • Lemon Crumble
  • Lemon Marmalade
  • Lemon Cream
  • White Chocolate Foam
  • Yellow Spray
  • Gold Spray
  • Passion Fruit Crisp
  • Cocoa Crumble

Lemon Crumble

Cake Flour290 g
Butter220 g
Almond powder240 g
Sugar240 g
Lemon Zest5 u

Bring the butter to room temperature and mix together with the sugar and lemon zest. Sift the cake flour and almond powder. Mix the sifted dry
ingredients into the butter and sugar mixture. Chill the dough until it hardens. Bake in convection oven at 160°C until golden brown.

Lemon Marmalade

Sugar120 g
Water90 g
Lemon80 g
Lemon Juice10 g
Slice finely the lemon and then cut into small triangles. Combine water, lemon juice and sugar to a boil, add the lemon and slowly cook until this reaches a marmalade texture.

Lemon Cream

Sugar200 g
Butter300 g
Pasteurized Whole Egg225 g
Lemon Juice180 g
Lemon Zest12 g
Gelatin Sheets4 g
Mix briefly the eggs with the sugar, add the lemon juice and the zest, cook to 82°C. Add the hydrated gelatin. Pour on the butter and emulsify well

White Chocolate Foam

Valrhona Opalys 33%100 g
Pasteurized Egg White100 g
Cream 35%50 g
Mix all ingredients, transfer to a siphon and charge with three cartridges.

Yellow Spray

Cocoa Butter250 g
Valrhona Opalys 33%250 g
Yellow fat-soluble color powder4 g
Separately melt the couverture and cocoa butter to 40-50°C. Combine.

Gold Spray

Gold Powderq.s.

Mix together and fill the airbrush.

Passion Fruit Crisp

Passion Fruit Puree150 g
Mango Puree50 g
Glucose50 g
Sugar20 g
Pectin NH5 g
Black Sesameq.s.
Mix the sugar and pectin. Cook the passion fruit puree, mango puree and glucose to 60°C. Add the sugar-pectin mixture to a boil for approx 2 minutes. Leave in the convection oven at 70°C overnight. Store in an airtight container.

Cocoa Crumble

Butter50 g
Sugar50 g
Cake Flour50 g
Almond Powder30 g
Cocoa Powder25 g
Beat the butter and sugar in the bowl of a mixer with a paddle. Add the cake flour, almond powder, cocoa powder, previously sifted together. Spread the crumble evenly on the silicone mat. Bake at 80°C for approx 4 hours. Remove from the oven and cool before reserving in an airtight container.

Products Used

  • 20-23 g / 0.71-0.81 oz. /pc.
  • 9 pcs. / tray, 5 trays / box
  • L: 115 mm, 4.53 in
  • W: 79 mm, 3.11 in
  • H: 39 mm, 1.54 in

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