Key Pie


  • La Rose Noire Fruity Tart Shells – Lemon
  • Yuzu Curd
  • Coconut Marshmallow
  • Lemon Moelleux
  • Lemon Confit

Yuzu Curd

Lemon juice30 gr
Yuzu juice60 gr
Egg white65 gr
Egg yolk45 gr
Sugar135 gr
Butter165 gr
Heat the lemon juice. Separately, mix well the eggs with the sugar. Pour the boiling lemon juice on the egg mixture, mix well and put it back in the sauce pan. Cook at 82°c while mixing well. Cool down to 45°c and add the soft butter with a blender.

Coconut Light Marshmallow

Egg white85 gr
Sugar50 gr
Glucose42 gr
Inverted sugar50 gr
Gelatin7 gr
Shredded coconut30 gr
Heat the invert sugar and glucose to 45°c. Add the bloomed gelatin. Whip the egg white. When whipped, pour the hot sugar on top, followed by the coconut.

Lemon Confit

Lemon2 pcs
Sugar50 gr
Water100 gr
Skin off the lemon. Place them in a saucepan with cold water. Bring to boil, strain out and repeat 5 times. Then make a syrup with sugar and water and boil till the lemon skins are soft.

Biscuit Moelleux Lemon

Almond paste180 gr
Yolk35 gr
Egg white55 gr
Lemon zest5 gr
Potato starch15 gr
Egg white30 gr
Sugar10 gr
Butter60 gr
Soften the almond paste with the egg. Add the starch and orange zest. Incorporate the whipped egg white strength with the sugar. Add the melted butter. Spread at 1cm and bake at 160°c for 10mins.


Fill up the tart shell with the yuzu curd and place a disc of moelleux inside. Pipe the coconut marshmallow on top and decorate with chocolate décor, moelleux and lemon confit.