Green Tea Tartlet with Moon & Comet


  • La Rose Noire Fruity Tart Shell – Green Tea
  • La Rose Noire Chocolate Universe – Moon
  • La Rose Noire Dark Chocolate Comet
  • Matcha Cream
  • Yuzu Gelée
  • Yuzu Curd
  • Mascarpone Mousse
  • Dry Meringue
  • Green Glaze
  • Chestnut Mousseline

Matcha Cream

Milk250 gr
Sugar64 gr
Pasteurized Egg Yolk45 gr
Pastry Custard Powder23 gr
Butter30 gr
Matcha Powder10 gr
Heat the milk, then add the premixed sugar, egg yolk, custard powder and matcha powder. Return to cook as a crème anglaise. Cool down to 40°C. Add the butter and process with a hand blender.

Yuzu Gelée

Yuzu Juice200 gr
Sugar90 gr
Pectin NH4 gr
Bring the yuzu juice to a boil, then combine a previously mixed sugar and pectin to the yuzu juice while continuously whisking and cook for 2-3 minutes. Mix, strain and allow to set until firm.

Yuzu Curd

Yuzu Juice200 gr
Pasteurized Egg Yolk60 gr
Pasteurized Whole Egg75 gr
Sugar60 gr
Butter75 gr
Gelatine Sheet5 gr
Combine the yuzu juice, egg yolk, whole egg, and sugar, then cook to 82°C. Remove from heat, stir-in gelatine to dissolve and cool down to 40°C. Add the butter and process using a hand blender.

Mascarpone Mousse

Mascarpone Cheese375 gr
Water30 gr
Sugar90 gr
Pasteurized Egg Yolk100 gr
Semi-Whipped Cream315 gr
Gelatine Sheet7 gr
Cook the sugar and water to 118°C and produce a Pâté à bombe with the egg yolk. Add the gelatine and mascarpone cheese. Combine with the semi-whipped cream.

Dry Meringue

Egg White100 gr
Sugar100 gr
Icing Sugar100 gr
Vanilla Powder1 gr
Combine the egg white and sugar, then cook to 40°C. Remove from heat, then whip using mixer until stiff. On a separate bowl, sift together the icing sugar and the vanilla powder, then gently fold into the previously cooked mixture. Spread on a baking pan and leave in the oven at 70°C until the meringue becomes dry. Store in an airtight container.

Green Glaze

Sugar285 gr
Water72 gr
Glucose100 gr
Cream 35%310 gr
Skimmed Milk Powder72 gr
Gelatine Sheet10 gr
Neutral Glaze50 gr
Green Coloringq.s.
Combine water, sugar, and glucose, then cook to 110°C. On the side, heat the cream and skimmed milk powder. Pour hot syrup over the cream mixture and boil again. Cool down to 60°C and add gelatine, neutral glaze and green coloring. Blend and set aside at 4°C.

Chestnut Mousseline

Butter256 gr
Pasteurized Egg White64 gr
Sugar56 gr
Butter Cream350 gr
Chestnut Paste900 gr
Milk50 gr
Rum50 gr
Cream the butter using a mixer with a paddle attachment. Cook the sugar to 121°C and add to the whipped egg white as an Italian meringue. Mix the meringue with the butter to make a butter cream. Combine the chestnut puree, milk and rum, then fold-in with the previous mixture.