5 Point Program

1. Sustainability model of excellence in community

La Rose Noire’s DNA

Our commitment to be environment-friendly drives us to continuous innovations and initiatives. We’ve shifted our power from traditional electricity to renewable solar energy. The factory in the Philippines’ rooftop is fully covered with solar panels to achieve this. These solar panels generate eco-friendly renewable energy and eliminates more than 12 million pounds of carbon footprint from our operations. Our newly launched products now use biodegradable trays and recyclable “Go Green” boxes. Moreover, use of free-range eggs in our products are meant to give good health benefits to our customers as well as being given a thumbs up by animal rights groups for supporting better animal treatment. We also have vegan tart shells for people who prefer to live the vegan lifestyle. To strengthen the Go Green Campaign in the company, various environment friendly activities are organized for our employees such as the “Go Green Fun Run”, Tree-Planting and keeping a Single Use Plastic-Free policy for everyone’s awareness and education. All these pro-active innovations, initiatives and activities come to show that La Rose Noire is truly committed to make a positive change for the environment as a responsible company.

A sustainable source of


A factory running 24/7 to produce world-class products requires a lot of energy per month. A minimum of 600,000 kwh of energy is needed monthly to run machines, ovens, freezers, power-up operations to meet the demand of the international market.

Having constant innovation on products, La Rose Noire also continues to develop new ways to contribute to the environment and investing on renewable energy is one of its initiatives. La Rose Noire is an advocate to develop alternative sustainable energy that will benefit not only the company, but most importantly, the environment.

The factory in Clark, Philippines is set to obtain 620 kwp by installing 2000 units of Astronergy 310watts mono-crystalline solar panels on its rooftop, with the new Generation SMA Core I Inverter and mounting system.

This movement will generate a sustainable and renewable source of energy coming from Solar Energy Systems, replacing other harmful technologies like coal mining and fossil fuel. By installing these solar panels, an average of 886,600 kwh can be generated annually and will eliminate more than 12.7 million (approx.) pounds of carbon footprints from its operations, thus making a cleaner and greener environment.