Visit from Valrhona Team


Chocolatier giant, Valrhona recently visited La Rose Noire Philippines. Guests were warmly greeted over dinner at the La Residence, hosted by the man of the hour, Gérard Dubois, together with Stephen Warren, our General Manager in Clark and Romain Walheer, our partner in Europe. The night was cherished with wine and great dishes, full of stories, and as well as excitement for the following day - the Factory Tour.

The following day, the guests arrived early morning at the Factory, carrying the delight to see what the Factory has to offer. The tour started at La Rose Noire Foundation - Training Center, where they saw the various charities that La Rose Noire have been doing and supporting. Guests were then ushered to the Production areas, where they got a chance to see what La Rose Noire meant by "Hand Crafted" products, showing and involving the guests to try the basics of making delectable creations. Following the production, guests were then brought to the Atelier, to showcase the full line of products. They indulged into various delectable creations from the sweet lines, the savory lines, down to the most awaited part - the chocolate line. Guests were left in awe to what they have witnessed with marvelous creations La Rose Noire is known for.

La Boulangerie Opening